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10 festive ways to wow your clients this Christmas

7 Nov 2019 by Kitomba

Providing a great client experience in the lead up to Christmas isn’t always easy. However, with some effective teamwork and a few great ideas, you can create an exceptional experience for your clients!

1. Treat your clients

Christmas is the time for giving, so think about how you can treat your clients to thank them for their loyalty and make them feel special. Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas of how they’d like to spoil their clients this holiday season. 

You could consider sweet treats to go with their coffee, or a lucky dip under your Christmas tree with vouchers for free treatments, mini products or samples. These are all ideas that are easy to implement and your clients will love. Think about your VIP clients too, perhaps they deserve a little Christmas present to say a special thank you for their loyalty.

2. Offer great gift ideas

Finding the right gifts for friends and family can be hard, so make it easier for your clients by having beautifully packaged retail gift packs available. Mini gift packs make great stocking stuffers so keep these at your front desk for clients to grab as they’re paying.

Vouchers are another great gift idea which your clients can quickly pick up as they’re leaving the salon. Make sure they’re beautifully designed and printed to make them feel special. Also ensure your clients can purchase vouchers online – in case they need a last minute gift!

3. Stick to the schedule

The lead up to Christmas is a busy time, and everyone’s schedules are packed full. The last thing your clients want is to be sitting in the waiting area past their appointment time, or to feel rushed through their appointment and sent out the door. Think about putting strategies in place that help everyone stay calm and stick to the schedule. For example, book clients appointments with plenty of time to complete their services, make time for staff breaks and be mindful about trying to squeeze extra clients in where this could impact the overall experience for your other clients.

4. Make sure they look fantastic

Although you’re busy, really consider your service quality this Christmas. It’s not the time to cut corners just to fit in more clients. Providing substandard service will negatively affect your client’s experience and you run the risk of them not returning. So chat to your team about service standards, and see how you can all work together to keep them high.

Your clients want to look fantastic for the holiday season – they may be off on holiday or attending events like Christmas parties. So do take the time to do your best work so you can be proud of the outcome, plus your clients will be ecstatic with the results.

5. Offer express services

For those clients who are pressed for time but still want to look great this Christmas, offer quick services such as express hair-ups and manicures. They’re great for clients with busy schedules, but also great as add-on services for clients who want to treat themselves to something extra.

6. Welcome family time

For many people, Christmas is a time to spend with family. Let your clients spend time with their loved ones while also being pampered, by offering special packages such as “mummy and me” services, or side by side manicures.

7. Create a relaxing environment

Make sure your clients’ trip to your salon, spa or clinic is a relaxing one by making a little extra effort this holiday season. Things like playing soothing music, giving a hand massage with every manicure or offering a refreshing eye mask while colour is processing can make a big difference.

It’s Christmas time, so we’re all busy, stressed and battling impossible to do lists. But even if you’re stressed, try not to show your clients you are. It’ll allow your clients to relax and enjoy their time in your salon, spa or clinic, away from the hustle and bustle this time of year brings.

8. Add more appointment times

Your clients will want a fresh cut, colour or treatment for the holiday period, so try to make sure each and every one of your clients can feel fantastic these holidays by having longer opening hours in December. Extending your hours and opening on days you’re usually closed are both great ways to offer more appointments and provide flexibility to suit your clients’ busy schedules. Your clients will be delighted that you can fit them in, and it should reduce the need to turn clients away.

9. Have a part payment solution

With gifts, travel and other expenses, covering all the costs that come with Christmas time can sometimes be difficult. Offering a part payment solution gives clients flexibility to decide how and when they pay for services. This makes it easy for them to get the services and products they want without needing to pay for it all upfront. 

10. Be a good communicator

Inform all your clients of what’s going on during December by sending out a Christmas newsletter in November. Make sure you mention your open hours and which days you’ll be closed over the holiday period, promote any specials and Christmas gifts you’re offering, and remind clients to get in quick to book their pre-holiday appointments.

You could also surprise your clients with a Merry Christmas text or email. It wouldn’t take too much time to set up in advance, and would go a long way towards letting your clients know you genuinely care and appreciate them. Include a thank you for being a loyal client over the past year, wish them a lovely Christmas and New Year, and mention that you can’t wait to see them at their next appointment in the new year.

The lead up to Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful! Start brainstorming and preparing now to make it easier for you and your team to create a fantastic experience for your clients!

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